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Sudden feedback loop

the power of giving constructive feedback

A Proud winner

About a year ago I was recruited as member of the jury in the most prominent innovation contest in Sweden Venture Cup. Yesterday I was tending the regional final in Gothenburg; a big festivity when the winners officially should receive their prices. Met a lot of nice entrepreneurial friends from along the walk of my life, amongst others Bjorn Soderbergh (Entrepreneur of the year) who have built his social ventures in Nepal for many, many years now and he is doing a great job rebuilding the country. Got a standing invitation to Kathmandu !

Anyway…what I wanted to tell you is that there was a prize I wasn´t aware of- the prize as best feedback provider of the year….and that prize went to me! Seriously, I was sooooo surprized!! Obviously, the feedbacks I have provided have been the most valuable and most appreciated by the competing idea-givers. Meaning, NOT the one who gave the most feedbacks or the one getting most credit points, but the one who gave the best value in the whole of Sweden. I am still trying to digest this fact….it is a great acknowledgement to get. Had absolutely no clue that there even was a price of this kind and even the less that there have been other people watching my feedback giving. I just love helping and the insert is relatively low: using my experience as an entrepreneur in early stages and share honestly what I see of good and bad to the teams struggling with their idea. As it was motivated, I understood that it is rare to give constructive criticism and then stand by, continue guiding out from that. Something that is completely obvious to me. How on earth could we help support each other otherwise?!


Winner of Venture Cup West 2016-2017 award of Best Feedback Provider is Josefin Lassbo, with the motivation: “With a great energy and strong commitment you have helped many competitors during this year´s round of STARTUP. Your feedback has been profound, constructive and insightful. The reactions and the thankfulness from the competitors who have been honoured with your feedback speak its clear language. Thanks to your feedback you have made a great difference to very many participants!”


Hell YES, I´m proud!


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